Karoly Law handles all manners of injuries from catastrophic to minor impairments. We do not seek out or choose to represent only the most serious of cases. We do not discriminate based on your level of injury and impairment. We are just here to help.

We recognize that all injuries are serious to those who have experienced them and as victims they rightfully deserve representation and compensation within the parameters of the law. Our goal is to recite your past, rehabilitate your present, and ready your bright future.

When we first meet, we will say “we wish we met under better circumstances”. When our legal representation ends our relationship continues, and we will say “we look forward to seeing your future accomplishments”.

Call us for a free consultation so that we can assist you in the following areas:

Motor Vehicle Collisions

  • Personal Injury / Tort Litigation against the at-fault Party
  • Case Management of Accident Benefits Payments

Accident Benefits Claims

  • Legal Representation for Arbitrations at the Licensing Appeal Tribunal
  • Car Accidents Occurring Outside Canada
  • Catastrophic Impairment Designation Hearings

Short Term And Long Term Disability Claims

  • CPP Applications
  • Representation At Tribunal & Appeals

Slip and Fall Litigation

  • Uneven surfaces
  • Wet floors
  • Cracks and holes in pavement/sidewalk
  • Building Code violations leading to injury

Wrongful Death Litigation

  • Due to fires, drowning or other causes
  • Elder abuse and nursing home deaths

Injuries Sustained at School or Camp

  • Bullying
  • Lack of supervision
  • Defective products and building materials
  • Playground injuries

Employment Law

  • Wrongful or Constructive Dismissal
  • Violation of Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Losing a Job as a Result of Injury

Life Insurance Claims

  • AD&D Claims

Flood, Fire Or Homeowners Insurance Claims

Cruise ship injuries